Mural Painting in Peru

Three full days later, some latex paint and a trillion brush strokes and my first mural is complete. I’ve been painting a wall at Kokopelli Hostel in Cusco for free accommodation, but I probably would have done it for free. What an experience! And for me, I feel a massive achievement. It feels like when I finished the Loch Ness Marathon!

Below are four pics of the wall in progress and one of me being very very happy at its completion. In it, I’m holding a drawing I made in Bolivia which I based the mural on.

If I’d had more confidence in my work at the beginning of my trip, and known that hostels would put me up for free for a lick of paint I would have sought out more opportunities. As it is I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made in my drawing and painting skills and to have done this mural is a really exciting milestone.

In other news: my amazing talented boyfriend has written a fantastic song. Click here for a listen: Next To Your Name. And to read about him, go to his blog:

The initial outline is done in marker pen. This part took me approximately 34 seconds.

Paulo the owner of Kokopelli lent me his wicked music and unbelievably high quality headphones. It was hard to go back to my stick-in-the-earphones.

It’s coming along!

I nicknamed this corridor the bat cave. It was a little on the cold and dark side!


Satisfied, relieved and proud. The mural is based on the drawing in my hand, the one I drew in Bolivia. I’m wearing a T shirt designed by my clever friend Deb. She inspired me to paint murals