The nut men of Buenos Aires

The nut men are a part of Buenos Aires, like the shoe shine men and the orange juice people. This city’s economy is nose-diving. I hate to think of the day when people can’t afford the little luxuries like hot sugar nuts, gleaming footwear and a £1.50 juice made in front of you from the juice of ten oranges. Where will these people go? There are already people on the streets. On every street. Entire families. While they are here, people like me support their micro industries and silently glory in the small ways they make our lives better in this noisy, busy city. By the way, the nut men cook up peanuts in a deliciously syrupy liquid and then wrap them in little sausage shaped plastic tubes for passers by to mischievously munch. Crunchy, naughty and so so nice.

A nut man in Plaza de Mayo, the city's main square.

A nut man in Plaza de Mayo, the city’s main square.

We won’t go into the other type of nut men in Buenos Aires. Well, they’re not so bad. I don’t really mind being called Beautiful 17 times a day!