Guitar Geniuses Line the Streets of BA

I talk about this city being noisy and while I can’t stand the traffic and building works, I most definitely have time for the street guitar. Twice this weekend we’ve been treated to music of a ridiculous standard. It’s usually my boyfriend who walks zombie-like towards the performer, staring at their hands like they’re some sort of exquisite, peculiar sea creature that was thought extinct. I’m standing apart toe-tapping (not to the music), and wondering when I can politely drag him away. This weekend we happened upon two guitarists so incredibly dexterous, so intent, so transported, that even I was transfixed.

The first was a young guy called Damian Salazar on Avenida Florida. He was playing Guns n’ Roses on electric guitar so of course we stopped, but then he ripped through Pink Floyd and even Vivaldi! Like an octopus he managed to tune his guitar while playing, flicking knobs and flinging a string bending thingy to make the wow-wow sound. His fingers tricked and spun. Amazing.

Today we had our second street guitar treat. We live one block from a fantastic, high quality, endlessly long street market. Feria de San Pedro Telmo is such an institution, the city has labelled it a museum. It sells everything from feather earrings to 100 year old telephones. After a very satisfying choripan, we wandered at the requisite market plod ten blocks to Plaza Dorrego. That took us an eye-feasting two hours, and at the end our ears were feasted to absolutely exquisite classical guitar Tango music. Two men, one young, one old. The older was smiling in pure joy, revelling in his partner’s talent. The younger was away. He was playing extremely complicated guitar, but his eyes were shut. Both were in dark clothes, their wooden guitars gleaming like golden treasure on their laps.

I found this cute video of the young guy – Agustin Luna – playing guitar for some friends on youtube.

The beauty of music bridges age, culture, language, everything.

The beauty of music bridges age, culture, language, everything.

And then their dancers arrived!

How cool are these guys? I wasn't so sure about the granny who got up second...

How cool are these guys? I wasn’t so sure about the granny who got up second…

While music lines the streets of BA, it also fills the homes. Thanks Jacqueline for a wonderful evening of breathy sultriness, sing-along silliness and sometimes downright screaminess. Well, what else can you do to Don’t Look Back in Anger?

Family AFFAIR! You are hitting the 'AIR' bit, LOVE IT!

Family AFFAIR! You are hitting the ‘AIR’ bit, LOVE IT!