Inspiration can be found anywhere, even the loo! Rainbow Sea Turtle.

My friend Edit (whom I met on El Camino de Santiago) asked me to paint a sea turtle. “Hmmm”, I thought, while sitting on the loo in a hostel in Nicaragua. “Sea Turtles”. I focused my eyes on the door in front and what should I see? A black and white poster advertising turtle tours during hatching season. This little guy was looking me straight in the eye. So I ripped him off the door (sorry Pachamama hostel) and got thinking rainbow colours. I’m still working on taking photos that perfectly represent how bright and colourful my paintings are. This one is a little dulled, but you get the idea.

I’m painting a series of Rainbow Animals that’ll be perfect for kids’ rooms. Introducing the latest: Rainbow Sea Turtle.

Just driftin'

Just driftin’