This girl’s emotional strength has given me a path.

This blog is dedicated to an incredible girl, blogger and artist called Sarah Treanor. Hers is the blog I have followed throughout my travels and life over the past 18 months more than any other. It has lifted me doubly: practically in my new career and as a human being too, with hope.

Firstly, this girl has shown and continues to show me the simple path to being an artist – it’s to create and stop judging your work! I should just enjoy making it, but make sure I am making it. Stop stopping because I’m scared of what other people think. Yep, I know, should be obvious.

Secondly, Sarah has inspired me as a person. Her personal story is heartbreaking and hers to tell. Read it here in the post celebrating the third anniversary of her 12 months of creativity blog.

I read about her unfathomable loss while my new found love and I had a three month enforced split. (We’d been together 2 and a half months.) Bronson went back to Australia for his brother’s wedding and worked there so he could afford the flights and our new start in Buenos Aires. I continued my travels in South America. The pain of being apart was only a smudge compared with Sarah’s experience, but when I wrote to her to send my heart-felt words and to explain my new path of creativity, she answered with such kind words that a bond across the pond began to form.

So thanks Sarah for the inspiration to keep on creating no matter what.

My favourite post is the one just before that on 22nd October 2013. SUCH a good resolution to the journey. Read it here.