First few days of a new life in Australia

Well guess who welcomed me off the plane in Australia, my (hopefully visa permitting) soon-to-be new country? SANTA CLAUS! Slightly dazed after 16 hours from L.A., we stumbled off our flight to be hugged by Saint Nick himself and his cute elf. A great start to my Christmas Day and my life in Aussie-land!

Right now, five days on, I’m standing in my future mother-in-law’s kitchen in Ballarat, Australia typing up my last blog post of the year and my first blog post in the country I hope to spend many many more years in. This year I will marry my love, Bronson; apply for (and I seriously hope get!) my partner visa so I can live in Australia; make loads of new friends in this vast, gorgeous country and hopefully start selling my art work in England, and then when I have my visa, Australia. Just a few minor things on the tick list! It’s a little daunting, but very exciting. The less enthralling prospect is possibly having to spend 5 months apart from my new husband while my visa comes through in England. We vowed we’d never to another separation, but ironically it looks like we might have to do one right after our I-Do day. We’ll see.

That’s looking forward, looking back over these first five days, it’s not surprising I feel a bit dizzy with emotion. I’ve met my new families (yup, two – modern life), people who I’ll know and love for the rest of my life, which is a crazy idea! That happens once in a lifetime. They have welcomed me with open arms, literally. I’m so excited about having them in my life and I feel honoured they are welcoming me into theirs. I’m not feeling sad, but I’ve inevitably got a gentle sense of longing in my rib cage for my family back home. With a bit of space, more walking and some crazy running I’ll be fine.

Tomorrow is NYE and I’m going to get under 30 mins on the 6km running track that encircles the lake here in the beautiful city of Ballarat. GO CAROLINE! Run it out. Run it off (leave me cheese, please). Then I’m going to go and meet lots of new friends in a house party in Melbourne. The filling of the running track/house party sandwich is drinks at my future brother in law’s new place. Looks like it’s going to be a good day!

So back to my recent whirlwind, here are some of the highlights:

  • My country lost The Ashes 😦 but I spent Boxing Day watching them at the MCG stadium on their best day of play.
  • I got to hear Nigel Wearne play the saw in his lovely home AND later his lovely wife Amy play the broom while he played guitar and sang another song. Brilliant! Click on his site so you can swoon to “Beautiful Blue”, such a good song. And this guy’s going to be a groomsman at our wedding! How cool is that?!
  • I’ve run around the lake that Bronson spent half his teenage years on as a rower: Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. He’s told me about life on this water so many times, it was very special to see it with my own eyes.
  • I’ve eaten loads of cheese.
  • I have a new family!
  • Oh yeah, and I met Santa.
Welcome to Australia!

Welcome to Australia!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope your 2014 is as special, weird and magical as my 2013. Love.