Impressionist Paintings on Cigar Box Lids

125 years ago Melbourne got introduced to Impressionism with an exhibition of paintings largely done on cigar box lids. These were 9 x 5 inches – pretty tiny! Now the Warrnambool Art Society (Warrnambool is the name of the little Aussie town where I now live) is putting together an exhibition inspired by this event. For me, it’s been an eye opener. While I knew roughly what Impressionism was, I hadn’t really looked into it as a whole. I hadn’t yet been swept up in the capture of light and the free feeling of movement of these paintings. They are so dynamic, but so cleverly capture a moment in time!

So I have joined in and painted two sketches for this exhibition. I prefer the horse one, but when I went to a Warrnambool Art Society meeting last night and got my work critiqued, the attendees voted on which one they liked best and it was almost unanimously the beach scene. What do you think?

Here they are below.

Swimming Horses, Lady Bay sm From Point Ritchie