Arty Achievements in 2016

Back to the blog after so long away! One of my many New Year’s resolutions is starting it up again. While my writing had a rest in 2016, my art definitely did not so this post is all about what I achieved in 2016.

Midyear I painted an 18 foot long painting across three canvases for the South West Regional Cancer Centre, Warrnambool. It’s of The Twelve Apostles and it hangs in the main reception area. I’m so proud of it. I’m told it gets many comments and people even have their photo taken in front of it.


Twelve local artists were asked to be part of a group print exhibition at the Warrnambool Art Gallery. The theme was ‘Navigating Warrnambool’ and my print shows what Warrnambool is in my eyes. Starting at the top, there is the hot sun, wind in the clouds and rain – lots of changeable weather. The Norfolk pines are beneath the sun. On the right is a cross for religion and the silver ball. Below is a birds-eye view of Lady Bay. There is a running track that starts at the tea cup on the left (the tea cup represents The Pavilion where I first worked in Warrnambool) and finishes at a wine glass. The wine glass represents Proudfoots. Sammy the seal is lying back with a flipper in the air. A surfer catches a wave below. My paints line the bottom of the print.


In November I had my first solo exhibition at The Artery, Warrnambool. I can’t express what a fulfilling experience this was. The Artery is entirely run by volunteers and an exceptional space. It used to be a funeral home! My exhibition ran for a month and I sold almost all of the 23 paintings shown. Click below to read an article about it in the local paper! 

I have also had many successful market stalls selling my prints and cards, I’ve done a photographic project for the Archie Graham Community Centre and I became Vice President of The F Project, the organisation which runs The Artery.

Now I am working on my commissions and my next exhibition. If any of my students at W.S.D.S. have got to the end of this article, well done! You have permission to ask me for chocolate.