Inspiration makes your world a better place.

I have been writing this blog for just over two months now and I’m still working on its theme. Does a blog have to have a theme? Well I’m sure it helps get… Continue reading

Stages of a landscape painting.

What with starting a new job (full time waitressing takes up a lot of time ok?) and planning a round the world trip, my painting is getting a little sidelined. But that’s all… Continue reading

A sneak peek into a Berlin bedroom

Picture a bedroom interior inspired by touches of French film noir, black and white Victoriana and Germanic lines. Flowing floor to ceiling delicate white curtains flap in front of french windows, they conceal a… Continue reading

Berlin blew my mind.

As soon as I arrived in Berlin I felt at home. I hadn’t seen my German friends for two years and the first day catching up was just magical. The sun was hot,… Continue reading

And then the smelly women pushed the men off the cliff.

That’s how the Greek myth of Lemnos goes anyway. Aphrodite was so angry with the women of Lemnos for not worshiping her that she made them all stink. So their husbands left them… Continue reading

Art: Soap Bubbles and Spiderwebs in Berlin

Imagine giant balls of transparency moored to the ground by thick black string, tugging at their bonds, ready to escape into the ether. Trussed into submission, some contain bubbling water, others hold peculiar… Continue reading

Crazy trees in Greece

I took my laptop to Lemnos, a Greek island in the middle of the Aegean sea and forgot my camera cable, so there’ve been no posts for a while. But on the plus… Continue reading

I love otters and beats

This is my new favourite blog, the one that doesn’t fail to put a smile on my face and a kick in my step. How did I survive before otters and beats? I… Continue reading

Places you must visit (if you get half a chance)

I’m very grateful to MiniStateofMind for ‘liking’ my last post because it made me discover them and their links to things I actually want to read, especially this list of 10 unique places around the world. Click!… Continue reading

Repetition Rocks Repetition Rocks Repetition Rocks Repetition Rocks Repetition Rocks Repetition Rocks Repetition Rocks

Think of shapes in nature and one imagines the flowing, curling and organic, but if anyone saw the film π (Pi) back in the 90s, they’ll know that nature can be highly mathmatical. Look at… Continue reading