Paintings of my travels

I find painting slightly tedious, enriching and very therapeutic at the same time. It’s a form of meditation, putting me in a trance of absolute focus and there’s nothing quite like the feeling… Continue reading

Duchess Dollface aka my friend Sophie

This blog is about things that inspire me or make me go “Wow”. So this post is about my friend Sophie’s face. I call her Duchess Dollface. The Duchess part we won’t go… Continue reading

Some Favourite Travel Photos (I took)

I’ve been lucky enough to travel and live in some beautiful places and so have seen some stunning sights. I’m not going to bore you with thousands of pictures (just six). Sadly for… Continue reading

Nerdy but cool – I like RHS prints

For those of you not well acquainted with the world of gardening, RHS stands for the Royal Horticultural Society and they have an online shop of very beautiful, I think inspiring, prints. More… Continue reading

Wasteland Re-evaluated: A Study in Stockholm

On my first and last nights in Stockholm, I stayed at my friends’ apartment in a fresh and rather wonderful district called H├Ągersten-Liljeholmen. In the last three years it has been transformed from… Continue reading

A Swedish Wedding

Yesterday my beautiful friend Bea got married in Stockholm and I got to experience a Swedish wedding. There were quite a few differences to an English one, the biggy being a huge amount… Continue reading

People to make you say YES!

Although I could write at length about all the inspiring people I know, I’m going to stick to the ones who blog. Not only because they blog and since I know them, they… Continue reading

Ed Ruscha puts the Pop into Pop Art

Ed Ruscha was born into a rigid Catholic upbringing in the late thirties. Oklahoma City, where he spent most of his childhood was a world dominated by farming, machinery and big open landscapes;… Continue reading

Putting community and coffee first at Wiltons

Having a coffee in Hackney is one of life’s pure pleasures simply because there are so many fantastic places to choose from. Yesterday my friend Zoe Speed (yes, that really is her name… Continue reading

Serious luxury at Herb House – Lime Wood’s luxury spa

“Would you like to come to my gym?” said Duncan who I’ve been staying with this week. His “gym” turned out to be the luxurious Herb House spa at Lime Wood, the five… Continue reading