Day 29: The most luxurious albergue going and a little bit of wine. On El Camino.


Day 28: An inspiring red head and yum octopus. El Camino.

Day 27: Wilderness coffee and a pagan temple on El Camino

Day 26: This one’s well written. On El Camino.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, even the loo! Rainbow Sea Turtle.

My friend Edit (whom I met on El Camino de Santiago) asked me to paint a sea turtle. “Hmmm”, I thought, while sitting on the loo in a hostel in Nicaragua. “Sea Turtles”.… Continue reading

Day 25: Learning to live in the moment. Good day on El Camino!

Day 24: Hard core cyclists battle hills on El Camino

New Painting! Sunset Wave 2. I love Hawaii.

I’m doing it! I’m making paintings and I love them! This is 11 x 15 inches, so big sketchbook size, but I’m going to paint it up 3 x 4 foot in acrylics.… Continue reading

Day 23: A moody evening strengthened our relationship. On El Camino.

Rainbow Polar Bears – a new painting!

While I’m putting up the illustrated diary pages of my Camino de Santiago month-long pilgrimage every day, I’m actually travelling in Central America. One of our hostels, Walaba Hostel near Puerto Viejo in… Continue reading