Day 22: An impromptu party on El Camino de Santiago!


Day 21: Best day of scenery on El Camino de Santiago

Day 20: I start being nicer. El Camino Magic!

Day 19: El Primitivo on El Camino de Santiago: BODENAYA ALBERGUE!

Day 18: Last two beds on a hot Spanish hill: San Juan – El Camino de Primitivo

Day 17: We walked for 36km on El Camino

Day 16: Chickens have sex on El Camino

Day 15: In Love with Asturias on El Camino de Santiago

Say Hello to Mr B. Whale.

B. stands for blue, he’s going to come in lots of colours. Thanks is due to my lovely cousin Charlotte who suggested a range of animals after I painted the owls (see below).… Continue reading

Day 14: Golden sunrise on a beach, YEAH!