Day 13: My favourite hostel and hostelier a.k.a. The generosity of a good heart.


Day 12: Cheating on El Camino: the donation question (and getting a bus)

FINISHED! A sunset wave. Thanks Clark Little.

FINISHED! I love finishing pictures! As with the other waves, this is a homage to Clark Little whose photos I shamelessly copy. Thanks Mr Little!  

Day 11: Blisters and bad moods, then beaches and bliss.

Day 10: Strangers prepare supper for 70 of us pilgrims.

Day 9: A long day on the Camino ends in a convent stay

WAAAAHHH, I finished a picture of some Crazy Trees!!

I never quite realised the level of detail I was getting myself into with this one and so it’s taken me a YEAR to get back on the horse and complete. And what… Continue reading

Day 8: Loving the towns, beginning to get moody about lack of beds.

Day 7: We slept outside on the church porch! Pobena – El Camino de Santiago

Proper pilgrims – we slept on the church porch!

Drawing the Guggenheim: Bilbao our rest day