Drawing Bilbao Buildings: Day 5 – El Camino de Santiago


Day 4 Waiting for a Bed – Camino de Santiago

Day 3: Guernica – guess what I drew. El Camino.

Day 2 Dorm Sketch: El Camino de Santiago

Day 1 Scribble in Deba: Drawing from El Camino de Santiago

We knew this pilgrimage was going to be big, but who can fathom the distance of 700km by foot? We thought we’d packed sensibly, we had a guide book (albeit in Spanish, but… Continue reading

Drawing a Spanish Pilgrimage: Daily Scribbles of El Camino

Bronson and I have just finished a 700km walking pilgrimage across Spain called El Camino de Santiago. Walking every day through sun and rain, on blisters and beaches, always together wasn’t simply a… Continue reading

Guitar Geniuses Line the Streets of BA

I talk about this city being noisy and while I can’t stand the traffic and building works, I most definitely have time for the street guitar. Twice this weekend we’ve been treated to… Continue reading

The nut men of Buenos Aires

The nut men are a part of Buenos Aires, like the shoe shine men and the orange juice people. This city’s economy is nose-diving. I hate to think of the day when people… Continue reading

Musing over Beatles lyrics at breakfast

Bronson and I were chatting about The Beatles over breakfast just now. He’s full of these little anecdotes about bands and I love to pick up trivia, especially about music. To me, a… Continue reading

Andes Lands B&B, an Argentinian idyll

I was rather sad that I’d miss Easter at home. (What’s home now? I’m not sure.) My family was having a reunion at my Aunt Mary’s house in Suffolk, England and I knew… Continue reading