Horseriding in Cuba, through the fairyworld of Viñales

Having been used to blogging every other day and after every major event during my travels, I’m somewhat at a loss as to where to start after two weeks in internet-less, sensory-overload Cuba.… Continue reading

Of course the car full of my family is a taxi, this is Colombia!

It was all supposed to be relatively easy. At Panama City airport Bronson and I would use the free wifi to figure out our next legs – his from Bogota airport into the… Continue reading

A day of wandering the winding streets of colourful Cartagena

Yesterday our party of five enjoyed a leisurely seven hour bus ride from Santa Marta to Cartagena along the Carribean Coast of Colombia. It’s supposed to take four. But it was worth it… Continue reading

Cat Adventures and When Tara’s Pants Fell Down – Upon trekking to The Lost City, Colombia

Song of the trek: Times Like These by The Foos. Please click here for a soundtrack to this post. How to sum up five days of trekking through steaming rainforest to find The… Continue reading

A country weekend Colombia style

Bogota has its beautiful parts – La Candelaria, the old town where I lived for three weeks, and up north in the smart part where I didn’t go. But it’s a big, dirty,… Continue reading

Playing Portraiture in a cathedral made of salt, Colombia

I’ve been in Bogota, and indeed South America for two weeks now and it’s kind of coming together. My couchsurfing experience has been amazing and Javi has let me stay three weeks! A… Continue reading

Bogota from above

Bogota is edged on the east side by two big hills – Monserrate and Guadalupe, icons of this massive city. Yesterday, along with eight others I climbed Monserrate from the base at 2600… Continue reading

I finished this painting of a wave yesterday

Do artists talk about their inspirations? Well, I’d feel fraudulent if I didn’t explain that I painted this from an extraordinary photo of Clark Little‘s and was inspired to explore twiddly bits (technical… Continue reading

Why I REALLY love roadtrips

First, let’s start with a song: Freeride by Jefferson Airplane Roadtrips are when I feel most free. It’s hot, the windows are down and the air is rushing through the car. I’m in… Continue reading

Bogota -Colombia- has so much street art!

I’m not quite sure what I expected of Bogota, but it certainly wasn’t a startling interface of street art. It coats La Candelaria, the old town, with a swirling layer of colour and… Continue reading